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This virtual exhibition features the Senior Art Inquiry projects of graphic design, art history and studio art majors in Augustana College’s Class of 2021.

Each student’s work is accompanied by a statement sharing their perspectives and intentions for the artwork. The work in this exhibition was created as a culmination of their classes and individual development as artists and graphic designers.

Special thanks go to Jennifer Saintfort, interim 博物馆 director, and the faculty members of studio art, graphic design and art history for their help in making this exhibition possible.

All images and photos of artworks courtesy of the artists.



Ranjeet Chadhauri, a graphic design major from Nepalgunj, Nepal.

"Senior Inquiry gave me a chance to make something new that I had never made before and grow as a graphics design major. I am very thankful for this opportunity."



Social Media Profile Pictures
"Social Media Profile Pictures


Amanda Crittenden, a senior from Elgin, Ill.

"With this project I was really able to delve into two passions of mine, cultivating the online live streaming community and creating clean yet striking layout design."






泰勒·戴维斯, a senior from Streamwood, Ill.

"Expressing art through fashion has always been a passion of mine and being the artist behind clothes that friends and even strangers enjoy wearing is a satisfying feeling."





Jordan Delinski, a studio art and art history major from Peoria, Ill.

"I wanted to tell a story of how humanity has survived and lived under the same stars since the beginning."






Blue and Yellow
"Blue and Yellow"

Grace DeMatteis, a senior from Palm Coast, Fla.

"What I ended up with is something completely different to what I started with but I think that just goes to show how I have had to learn and adjust to this time."




A Colorful Insight to the 四城市
"A Colorful Insight to the 四城市"

Atiqul Haque, a graphic design major from Sylhet, Bangladesh.

"I truly want everyone to see the beauty of the QC through my perspective."







Façade of Ice and Stone
"Façade of Ice and Stone"

雷切尔·奥利弗, a senior from Fort Lupton, Colo.

"When I first began, the initial goal of the show was to distance myself from the chaotic world and escape into my imagination and creativity."







铁托醌类, a senior from Ramstein AFB, Germany.

"This piece was joyful for me to create as I know it will captivate my viewers, making it open for various forms of interpretation."





As Delicate as a Flower
"As Delicate as a Flower"

阿米莉亚索伦森, a senior from Oak Forest, Ill.

"I felt an incredible freedom in painting in this manner as I could be as creative as I wanted portraying real life in an unrealistic way."






Eden's Branding Guide
"Eden's Branding Guide"

安妮·惠勒, a senior from Springfield, Ill.

"I can proudly say that this exhibition is the culmination of my best work as a designer."


The 博物馆 is closed to the public for the 2021-22 academic year.

The Permanent Gallery will be open to students and faculty by appointment. 

Call 309-794-7400 or 电子邮件 for more information.


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